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Friday, December 09, 2005

Personal Note: Living Life

Livin da Life:

I am sick of living the life that is influenced by other factors (Culture, Family, Society, The Norms). I want a change!
I am very highly individualistic. I have to learn to accept that fact and hope that I can gradually live a life (MY LIFE!) that is mostly only influenced by me and not others.

I need to learn how to move on from one phase of life to the next - In essence, be a "NOMAD" and learn to get away from attachement of material things.

Yeah, while I have my 60 GIG Ipod with me, I will relish the music is gives me. But there may possibly a day when it may not be with me. I need to prepare to survive that day. Yes Darwin's scientfic theory of evolution (with the key point "Survival of the Fittest") kicks in here, but in a more psychological context.

The most important thing in life that I desire is some form of "FAME". Its not money, not food, not a BMW, not a fancy gadget,not even a family. I wan't my name to be remembered in History. I am struggling to curb this desire. I don't want to sound too "Buddhist" at this point because I enjoy the material life, but I want the ability to control it.
The day I will control this desire, I will be a changed person.

I have a very malleable personality. I accept anything and everything that is not inherently not "EVIL". I need to be more ductile. That ductility will help me live a better life.

I hope I will constantly remind myself of this post and will update it as new situations arise in my LIFE.



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Way to go GRE man!

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