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Monday, December 05, 2005

Life Life Life - The Worst on the Trust

Issues like morality, values, trust etc are changing rapidly in many cultures. Herez something to that:

Trust no one,
Trust no one;
Especial, the WooMan
Cauz trustin someone
Will frig you in the head, one bad

You are better off alone
The world is a harsh place
A marsh place, a dark n lark place
A place where vultures feast
Exist to get you
Get you, get you
From skin to da bones

Its a business
A nest, a money makin fest
For the rest of this crapst
I will let ya now dat
Most of the marital blist
Will not even work or last
That may include yours, mine or the rest.

So now herez a toast
To this too negative poemst.
To know more on the thought process, contact the author for a more animated interaction.


Blogger Govind said...

Hahaha..You're a riot...Rapsterrrr

8:21 PM  

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