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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

10 Years

Ten Years:

Ten Years is a long long time...

One time Ten back the Net was still a Baby
Two Ten back Modern Rap was to be born in da Ghetto
Three Ten back Rock was Rollin'
Four Ten back Kennedy was Speakin'
Five Ten back India was alomst Tennin'

Six Ten Back Hiroshima was Burnin'
Seven Ten Back America was financially Burnin'
Eight Ten Back Hollywood had finally Made In
Nine Ten Back War was in the Makin'
A Ten and a Half Ten back the first Ford was Runnin'

May be a One, a Two, a Three Ten from Now
Indian Will be Rockin'


Blogger Sharvari said...

Good one... Optimistic... one, two or three 1o's from now India will be rocking... i call that wishful thinking

5:01 PM  

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