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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

10 Years

Ten Years:

Ten Years is a long long time...

One time Ten back the Net was still a Baby
Two Ten back Modern Rap was to be born in da Ghetto
Three Ten back Rock was Rollin'
Four Ten back Kennedy was Speakin'
Five Ten back India was alomst Tennin'

Six Ten Back Hiroshima was Burnin'
Seven Ten Back America was financially Burnin'
Eight Ten Back Hollywood had finally Made In
Nine Ten Back War was in the Makin'
A Ten and a Half Ten back the first Ford was Runnin'

May be a One, a Two, a Three Ten from Now
Indian Will be Rockin'

Friday, December 09, 2005

Personal Note: Living Life

Livin da Life:

I am sick of living the life that is influenced by other factors (Culture, Family, Society, The Norms). I want a change!
I am very highly individualistic. I have to learn to accept that fact and hope that I can gradually live a life (MY LIFE!) that is mostly only influenced by me and not others.

I need to learn how to move on from one phase of life to the next - In essence, be a "NOMAD" and learn to get away from attachement of material things.

Yeah, while I have my 60 GIG Ipod with me, I will relish the music is gives me. But there may possibly a day when it may not be with me. I need to prepare to survive that day. Yes Darwin's scientfic theory of evolution (with the key point "Survival of the Fittest") kicks in here, but in a more psychological context.

The most important thing in life that I desire is some form of "FAME". Its not money, not food, not a BMW, not a fancy gadget,not even a family. I wan't my name to be remembered in History. I am struggling to curb this desire. I don't want to sound too "Buddhist" at this point because I enjoy the material life, but I want the ability to control it.
The day I will control this desire, I will be a changed person.

I have a very malleable personality. I accept anything and everything that is not inherently not "EVIL". I need to be more ductile. That ductility will help me live a better life.

I hope I will constantly remind myself of this post and will update it as new situations arise in my LIFE.


Thursday, December 08, 2005

hPville Welcomes You

I am soon re-launching my website:


Thank You Thank You Thank You.....


Monday, December 05, 2005

Life Life Life - The Worst on the Trust

Issues like morality, values, trust etc are changing rapidly in many cultures. Herez something to that:

Trust no one,
Trust no one;
Especial, the WooMan
Cauz trustin someone
Will frig you in the head, one bad

You are better off alone
The world is a harsh place
A marsh place, a dark n lark place
A place where vultures feast
Exist to get you
Get you, get you
From skin to da bones

Its a business
A nest, a money makin fest
For the rest of this crapst
I will let ya now dat
Most of the marital blist
Will not even work or last
That may include yours, mine or the rest.

So now herez a toast
To this too negative poemst.
To know more on the thought process, contact the author for a more animated interaction.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

My Car

Who says you can blog about certain things only ? - Herez one to my car!

I love travel. I have explored a lot of the United States in just 4 short years.
I partly would have to thank my car for that. I know it may not be
as living an entity as me or you but there are times I feel like it is.
Sorry, I don't have a picture right now but will put up one later.

For those of you who don't know, I own a 1994 Greenish Blue Mazda 626 V6
It is my Jaanasheen. One of the inanimate objects other I Love so much other than my

I got it when it was 100K and approaching 101. Its odometer reads 130214 right now.
I have made 5-6 trips to Chicago, 3 to New York/NJ, 3 to Detroit, 10-12 to Indiana, 1 to Washington DC and 1 grand one to Atlanta / South Carolina Trip using the car There are many more trips I haven't included. Around 70% of mileage must be from these. Sure it has had its problems but it still goes on like a sturdy rock. (I hope this doesn't get my in trouble with cops.. he he) but just for chills I have done 130-140 mph once and it felt great. For a '94 it has advanced features like cruise control etc.

Some of the best experiences I have had in my life include driving through the mountains in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and the corned plaines of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. I-70 and I-80
in the midwest are like a another home to me now. More later...

Here is a virtual toast to my car, the best car in the world!