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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New Movie Rating

HPVille, HP - 30th November 2005

hP Motion Pictures Association today announced new movie rating for the older audiences across the world. Hrishi Patel, the Chairman of hPMPA commented "There is a dire need for a new TG 27 rating. With words such as F***, M*** a nd Ch** becoming common among the teenage masses across the globe, more and more movies contain what the 'elders' term as 'indecent content' ".

The irony is that such content is becoming the norm in our society. Thus key purpose of this rating is that anyone older than 27 who grew up as a teenager prior to the 80's will have to be accompanied by a teenager to understand the sexual, foul and violent intricacies that the movie offers. Hrishi quickly added "Don't be fooled by the term '27' in the rating. Some 'elders' 27 and above may be quite fit to watch a movie and may indeed not require any teenage guidance."

This is meant to be a very liberal rating and to keep it so the hPMPA urges movie goers to report any conservative unaccompanied elders above the age of 27 to hPMPA at their hotline 1-800-TG27-ABUSE.

The pundits in the industry claim that just this one rating will revolutionalize the demographics of the way movies are watched. The first movie that will have TG 27 rating is "F*** You World, F*** You", releasing on 69th Day of 2006. This rating has created the single largest media buzz in history and its fate will depend on FWFY.

Source: hP Internet News Division, hP World News


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